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Flying A Standard Holding Pattern

This is a quick reference for flight simmers – DO NOT USE FOR REAL, LIVE FLIGHTS.


  • Standard Holding Pattern is typically right-hand turns on VOR, DME, NDB, GPS, or intersection
  • Legs are typically 1 minute below 14,000 feet and 1.5 minutes above 14,000 feet.

Parts of a Pattern:

  1. inbound leg (1:00)
  2. fix end
  3. outbound leg (1:00)
  4. outbound end

Types of Pattern Entry:

  1. Direct entry
  2. Parallel entry
  3. Teardrop entry

The 5 T’s:

  • Turn
  • Time
  • Twist
  • Throttle
  • Talk

Thanks to YouTube friends for other videos.

Inspiration: Holding Patterns 101

Referral: OBXFLIGHT: Holding Patterns