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Saugatuck, MI

baronThere is an interesting story behind this adventure. Somehow I read a Twitter post from @saugatuck that was an ad for the Saugatuck Visitor’s Bureau.  I Googled it and it looked like a cool place so why not fly there. There isn’t an airport at Saugatuck, but there is one 10 miles south in Holland, Michigan – Tulip City Airport, KBIV. I used SkyVector.com for my charts to plot a course from KOSH to KBIV.

I chose to fly my favorite airplane, Beech Baron, for this trip. It was a short 150 miles from Oshkosh across Lake Michigan to Holland. Once over the lake the weather wasn’t exactly VFR, but no ATC was online to stop me.

My route was fairly simple. I flew direct to the FAH VOR at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, then via V510 to MKG, near Muskegon, Michigan. Then south along the Michigan shoreline to the Pullman (PMM) VOR.

I planned to do a few approaches into Holland and the first approach was the VOR-A using PMM. I had plenty of time and fuel so I went for the full procedure approach. Over PMM I timed 1 minute out bound on a heading of 180 Then I flew a heading of 135 for 1 minute, followed by a procedure turn to heading 315. Then I turned north to track the 180/360 radial of PMM until I was over GRADS intersection, the missed approach fix. There is a hold at GRADS so I did a couple 1 minute legs on the hold before completing the approach.

At the minimum descent altitude (MDA) of 512 feet I went missed. Pulling up I turned left back to the 360 radial from PMM. Once over GRADS, I executed a teardrop entry to join the holding pattern again. I flew couple circuits in the holding pattern before coming in on my final approach – circle to land runway 26.

Over all the flight was easy. The weather was as expected, kinda muggy. I was able to visually pick out the inlet at Saugatuck so I consider my mission a success.